Tight-access tree pruning and removals for Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast regions

KC Treecare offers a range of tree services in the Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast regions - including tree removals, tree pruning, fruit tree pruning, service line clearance, fire prevention, stump removal, and mulching.

KC Treecare can also offer consultancy services - tree reports and inventories for schools, caravan parks, and development planning. We are also expert witnesses.

Fresh mulch is available at $25 per metre, with free delivery on the Surf Coast - a full ute-load is 3m.

Stump removal starts at $45 per ft diameter ($120 minimum). Stumps larger than 3ft will need to be costed invididually.

If your cat is stuck up a tree, KC Treecare can even help with cat rescue!

Why KC Treecare?

We have the qualifications: Bachelor of Environmental Science with Graduate Certificate in Arboriculture from Melbourne University (Burnley Campus). This is level 8, the highest possible qualification in the southern hemisphere.

We have the experience: 10 years (and counting) as climbing arborists.

We're local: we work and live in Jan Juc and the Surf Coast, and proudly employ local people.

Call us on 0400 945 891 or email us for all your tree care needs.

Christmas Tree Removal

KC Treecare is spreading the Christmas love - we will remove all Christmas trees in Jan Juc on Monday January 7, as a fundraiser for Ocean Mind. All you need to do is donate $10 to the charity by clicking this link and put your Christmas tree out on the street on Monday January 7. Make sure you tick the box that says this donation is on behalf of a company, and type KC Treecare as the name of the donating company. Also include your address in the postcode field so we know where to pick up your tree. Please note that your tree must have all decorations removed - if there is still tinsel on the tree, we won't be able to take it.